About GLA


Discover and fulfill your reason for living.

Your life is key to revitalization of the world.

For the enlightenment of each individual and the revitalization of the world

GLA at a Glance

GLA responds to the calling of our current era – through discovery of the soul

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Teachings of GLA

The Study of the Soul taught by Shinji Takahashi and subsequently by Keiko Takahashi, is the fundamental way of thought and of the concepts that are exemplified in the GLA activities.

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History of GLA

--A brief history from the founding of GLA to the present

Here are the steps that GLA has taken since its founding in 1969 to the present, described in general terms through its main events. 

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Shinji Takahashi

Shinji Takahashi stressed that we are being given the chance to live by the Great Existence and the Divine Being, who is beyond human understanding, and that the reason we are born is for Establishment of the Self and World Harmony.

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Keiko Takahashi

Keiko Takahashi has presented the Study of the Soul as the path whereby we can live in this world as eternal souls, and has been guiding many individuals who are living their lives radiating the essence of their souls.

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What it means to be a GLA member

A GLA member takes Shinji Takahashi Sensei* and Keiko Takahashi Sensei as his or her teachers, and learns about and practices the Study of the Soul.

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