Keiko Takahashi

Keiko Takahashi has introduced the Study of the Soul as the path whereby we can live in this world as eternal souls, and has been guiding many individuals who are living their lives radiating the essence of their souls.

Keiko Takahashi, or Takahashi Sensei as we call her, was born in Tokyo in 1956. It was during her childhood that she first sensed the existence of the soul and came to realize that human beings are more than just living bodies and that there is another inner self that cannot be seen. This revelation led her to search for answers to such questions as, “For what purpose are we born?” and, “What should be the proper way of living?” She set out repeatedly with Shinji Takahashi not as father and daughter but as partners working together on a search for truth (Divine Truth). Later, through deep personal encounters with many persons, she compiled a new view of human beings and the world, the Study of the Soul that she called Total Life (TL) Human Principles.
At the present, in GLA, while providing lectures and seminars for people of all generations, she continues to hold dialogues that come into contact with the realm of the soul. Moreover, while actively engaged in writing and lecturing, she is providing guidance to the TL study group, the TL medical research group, the TL education research group and other professional groups in various fields. Her lecture series, carried out since 1992 at various locations, have already been attended by about 600,000 individuals.
Her main written works in Japanese include To the Land Beyond, Discovery of the Soul, Beyond the Vast Wasteland, The Adventure of the Soul, Calling: Trials Are Callings, Twelve Bodaishin, The Guide to Solving the Equation of One’s Destiny, The Path of Prayer (Revised Edition), The Reason Why You Were Born as You and as well as books that are dedicated to educational activities – Revolution and Magical Powers of the Heart – all published by Sampoh Publishing Co. English translations are available for Discovery of the Soul, Beyond the Vast Wasteland, The Reason Why You Were Born as You, The New Human Force, The Grand Challenge, The Principle of Hope, and The Path of Prayer.

Guidance to career professionals on the frontline

The idea “To live as one human being” before anything else constitutes the foundation of her lectures and guidance in the seminars aimed for career professionals, whereby the participants pursue their own possibilities based upon the Study of the Soul.

Divine truth practice report based on the Study of the Soul

During each of her lectures, Takahashi shares the practice reports of the Diving Truth of different individuals (Divine Truth practice reports). This not only gives the participants concrete and dynamic understanding of the Divine Truth (the Study of the Soul) but also enables the individual him or herself to discover the true meaning underlying the path he or she has taken by asking them its meaning.

Nurturing the young people who will open up our future  

For the young, to whom the future is entrusted, to find and to fulfill the missions that they are to accomplish here in this world, Keiko Takahashi devotes immense amounts of time and energy.
Moreover, she interacts with each individual youth so that he or she can cultivate the power to solve problems and create new realities.

Bring out potential that is still dormant within young children 

During the Kakehashi (bridge) seminar for parents and children that offers them opportunities of active learning, Sensei listens to children’s vows from their soul and guides them through dialogues.

From the children who come up in front of Takahashi, words of regrets and wishes pour out one after another and listeners cannot fail to realize that “each child is also a soul.”

Meeting with each participant

At the end of her lecture, a time permitting; Takahashi tries to have one-on-one encounters with those in the audience. Through these encounters, many people have experienced the deepest pains in their souls being healed, or been given guidance at the turning point of their lives.

Invitation to participate in active learning through project activities 

“Project Activities” (volunteer activities that serve others) that support GLA meetings or seminars serve as the opportunity in which we put into practice and attain what is learned in the Study of the Soul and where we learn together through experience. Moreover, Takahashi shares through a dialogue with a volunteer what he or she learned through experience. 

Interacting with Those Standing at the Turning Point of Their Lives

Wishing that the practice of the Study of the Soul will become a part of our daily lives, Takahashi takes time to visit individual members who face hardships or are at their turning points at their home, workplace or hospital.
She guides them through a dialogue by asking together the meaning (calling) of the hardship or their turning point.