GLA at a Glance

What is GLA? On what does it place importance?

We at GLA believe that in order to find true solutions to the problems and ordeals that fill the world today, we need to seek not only scientific knowledge, technological advancement, and capital resources; but also a power within human beings, the power of the soul, from which these are produced. GLA places importance not only on the visible world but also on the dimension of the soul that each individual harbors and advocates thinking and acting based on the principles of the soul.

Here we provide a brief introduction to some aspects of our organization.


About GLA

For the enlightenment of each individual and revitalizing the world


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What GLA is doing

Changing your life and reality and contributing to the world


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Where GLA is heading

Pioneering an era of Bodaishin


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The GLA Network

Reaching across Japan and to abroad


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