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About GLA

For the enlightenment of each individual and the revitalization of the world

GLA responds to the calling of our current era – through discovery of the soul

Today, we face highly complex and difficult problems in our world, including global warming, poverty, financial adversity, and international conflict and tension. In spite of mankind’s great efforts up to the present, solutions to these overwhelming problems are yet to be found.
We at GLA believe that in order to find true solutions to these ordeals, we need to seek not only scientific knowledge, technological advancement, and capital resources; but also a power within human beings from which these are produced. This inner power resides in the soul, which harbors profound wisdom extending beyond experience and knowledge, and aspiration that stays with us throughout our entire lives. What draws forth this power from within human beings is discovery of the soul, a most imperative theme that our current era demands us to address.
GLA is a religious organization that has sought this theme since its foundation in 1969. Keiko Takahashi, has pioneered this path of studies and principles together with founder, Shinji Takahashi, and has developed a system of theory and practice called the Study of the Soul as a means fro each individual to awaken as a soul and to bring his or her inner power to fruition, enlightenment not being meant only for a select few.

What GLA Seeks—Revitalization of Japan and the World

The Study of the Soul guides all individuals to true freedom, liberating them from the fetters produced by their birth and upbringing that hinder their inner potential. Moreover, it also guides us to discern the true causes of and bring fundamental solutions to the problems that fill the world, at home and workplace, in regions and industries, and at the national level. The Study of the Soul is not an simply an ethic but has the power to bring about drastic changes to concrete reality.

It is our earnest hope that GLA can contribute to creating a new tide in which each individual recovers their vigor through studying and practicing the Study of the Soul, which would then lead to revitalization of regions, Japan and the world that is now in turmoil.

We strongly wish that the network of those nameless individuals will expand and a new world is regenerated filled with the light of souls.

For this purpose, GLA has eight district branches and 95 sub-branches in Japan and 13 bases of activities abroad in the United States, Brazil, Australia and Korea. We provide lectures, seminars, and other opportunities to learn about the Study of the Soul.











Date of Establishment: April 8, 1969

Date of Legal Establishment: March 26, 1973

Scriptures: Books and recorded lectures by Shinji Takahashi and Keiko Takahashithat include: The Path of Prayer, the Revised Edition, Seimei-no-Yohaku-ni (To the Margin of Life), Shingyo

Number of Members: 39723 (As of April 1, 2013)