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What GLA is doing

Changing your life and reality and contributing to the world

Practicing the Study of the Soul guides you to fulfill the purposes and missions of your life

All of us human beings exist as souls that harbor eternal life. Keiko Takahashi’s Study of the Soul teaches us that by experiencing lives repeatedly under different conditions of eras, regions, and families, each of us aims to deepen and develop as a soul and to fulfill the purpose and mission of the soul.

Practicing the Study of the Soul means to accept encounters and incidents in our lives as callings to our souls. In order to respond to these callings, we cultivate our mind-heart, and thereby advance toward accomplishing the purpose and mission of our lives.

The principle of practice: Changing oneself

In practicing the Study of the Soul, we place importance on the mindset of perceiving “an ordeal is a calling.” We perceive that difficulties and problems are calling us to change to a new way of living.

When we encounter a problem, we first look into ourselves and change our own mind-heart, and with that new self, we interact with the world to affect changes in reality. This is an unchanging mindset in practicing the Study of the Soul.

Why we can change our mind-heart – Because the Soul Compass enables us to grasp our mind-heart accurately

The reason for our being able to change our mind-heart and change ourselves is that the Study of the Soul provides us with a chart called the Soul Compass, which enables us to grasp our mind-heart accurately, and with solid paths that guide us to change it.
There are certain patterns of our mind-heart of which we are not fully aware and that produce similar and sometimes unfortunate results again and again.

For example, some people easily become pessimistic, closing off possibilities, while others become angry and sever their relationships with others. Some are optimistic until the finally become flustered, while others, make tremendous efforts but in the end find themselves.  
By studying the Soul Compass created by Keiko Takahashi, we can understand the limitations of our mind-heart and by changing them to possibilities.

In GLA, many people are practicing the Study of the Soul and can serve as models

As you can learn from Keiko Takahashi’s lectures in which practice reports by members are almost always presented, many GLA members have changed their mind-heart and brought about new realities.

A business manager whose company was on the verge of bankruptcy discovered within himself the ardent wish to protect his employees and his clients. He then responded to his wish and succeeded in rebuilding his company. A woman who had suffered from a strained relationship with her mother-in-law for years was awakened to the differences in the conditions of their lives, leading her to build a family filled with more love and trust than between a real parent and child.

All of these practices not only changed negative situations for the better, but also revealed the deep meanings of their lives: why they have lived the lives they had and faced their specific ordeals.

Many of these practices are shared in GLA gatherings and seminars and have accumulated as wisdom about life. Members’ practices serve as models to other members and guide them.