GLA at a Glance

Where GLA is heading

Pioneering an era of Bodaishin

Bodaishin will create a new era.

As we live in an era of ordeals, Keiko Takahashi has stated that what is indispensable for us is Bodaishin, a heart that consider others, going beyond one’s own concerns.
In classical Buddhism, Bodaishin is a Buddhist term meaning a heart that seeks enlightenment. However, we define Bodaishin as “a heart to seek one’s real self, love others, and contribute to world harmony”. Bodaishin originates from the light of the soul harbored within human beings.

What is important is that, without Bodaishin, we human beings cannot create new light to the world. It is Bodaishin that enables us to turn confusion into harmony, stagnation into activity, and destruction into creation.

GLA advances together with the era, communities, and people

With this Bodaishin, GLA has been very active in relief activities for those who suffered from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 2011.
Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami, GLA established anti-disaster headquarters and delivered over 100 tons of relief materials including food, medical supplies, and clothes to people who were affected.

GLA also sent disaster relief volunteers to the affected regions to get rid of debris and sludge and clean up houses.
This is an example of how GLA is contributing to communities and people.

Holding to Bodaishin, we in GLA wish to advance together with the era, with the communities, and with people.