Compass of the Times

Sailing uncharted waters of this era, we earnestly aspire to pave a path by applying the insights from the Study of the Soul to human beings and the world. Keiko Takahashi shows us the path to take by illuminating the past, present, and the future.

In response to each individual’s wish to pursue more of the Study of the Soul, Takahashi Sensei provides us with Words of the Month and Compass of the Times each month, which, interrelated to each other, serve not only as clues for our studies and practice, but also as monthly guidelines for living our lives.

May 2017 Compass of the Times 158

Transcending Inequalities

Our Lives Are Not Equal

This month, I would like to think about one example of the resolve that we must have as we lead our lives. That is, “Our lives are not equal to one another.”

As the three streams of influence which are the basic conditions of life in the Study of the Soul indicate, it is never the case that our lives are all exactly the same as one another, even when we share something in common. Each person’s life is different in many respects.

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April 2017 Compass of the Times 157

To Gain the Fundamental Power of the Heart and Mind

The Future of Educational Reform

The educational system of Japan is about to undergo seemingly the largest reform of the postwar period.

Japanese education until now has valued education as a route for children to absorb information and acquire knowledge. It is not an exaggeration to say that excessive emphasis has been put on this.

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March 2017 Compass of the Times 156

To Be Consistent

To Begin from a Single Principle

“I want to live a life based on the Study of the Soul*1, but such a life is difficult,” some of you may feel.

In a sense, this feeling is natural because a life based on the Divine Truth has multiple aspects and often differs from the ways you were taught through your birth and upbringing.

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February 2017 Compass of the Times 155

To Accumulate

Invitation to a Grand Challenge

A month has passed since the new year began and I presume that your daily lives have regained their calm. Even so, there might be those of you who want to review your goals and aspirations for this year.

If you are one who seeks such a review, I would like you to think about a “grand challenge.” I suggest this because sometimes it happens that the path that you should take becomes visible for the first time by finding a grand aim or far-reaching aspiration.

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January 2017 Compass of the Times 154

Uphold Your Ideals

Life in the Era of Chaos

Happy New Year.

I sincerely pray that the year 2017 will be an even better year for everyone.

I believe the year 2016 was the one in which we became acutely aware that each of us lives in the era of Chaos and are placed in a state of confusion.

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