Compass of the Times

Sailing uncharted waters of this era, we earnestly aspire to pave a path by applying the insights from the Study of the Soul to human beings and the world. Keiko Takahashi shows us the path to take by illuminating the past, present, and the future.

In response to each individual’s wish to pursue more of the Study of the Soul, Takahashi Sensei provides us with Words of the Month and Compass of the Times each month, which, interrelated to each other, serve not only as clues for our studies and practice, but also as monthly guidelines for living our lives.

February 2019 Compass of the Times 179

To Change

The Truth of Inner-Outer Unification

It has been a month since the beginning of the new year. I believe many of you are now entering the time when you need to take steps in advancing your goals for the new year in full force. This month, I would like to take up one of the Divine Truths that will support you on your path this year.

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January 2019 Compass of the Times 178

To Start

The Door to the New Year

Happy new year.
This is the beginning of the new year 2019.

Now that you opened its door, what kind of feeling do you have? Are you envisioning the first step that is appropriate for the beginning of the year?

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