Excerpts from Recent Lectures and Guidance

Every week, Keiko Takahashi travels to different places throughout Japan, and gives lectures and provides guidance for GLA members as well as professionals in the various fields of management, medicine or education. Each month we will introduce one invaluable essay arising from these encounters.


November 23, 2014: The First Lecture of the Fourth NexStage Series Seminar

This is the first lecture of this new series. Since we have many new fellow members attending today's lecture, we want to start off by considering once again the origin of the Study of the Soul, the foundation that supports our practice.
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November 9, 2014: 2014 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi

I am sure that any one of us would want to know the truth of why we were born, what it is that we wanted to achieve, and where we are supposed to go. <read more>