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December 6, 2015: Gathering in Gratitude

So you see, we take on such risk and exist in a constrained world – such is the state of living in the Phenomenal World. Nevertheless, why is it, then, that we leave Home, from the World of Our Origin, to come Away in the Phenomenal World over and over again?

Why do you think that is? Why are we born into such a world of constraint and risk?

The reason is associated with what is inside of our souls. Inside of our souls is light. This light is called the Soul’s Aspiration. It is a strong aspiration that exists inside of the soul. There is another energy other than this energy of light that is the soul’s aspiration – it is the under-developed state, the darkness of the soul, and this is called Karma. The light and darkness within us, the soul’s aspiration and karma are always in conflict.

And so for us to grow and to develop means for us to subdue the darkness and to strengthen the light within us – to strengthen the light of the soul’s aspiration. To subdue the darkness and to strengthen the light. And so growth and development of the soul means to transform darkness to light.

What do you think? Once again, the World of Our Origin is the Home of our souls. It is for the soul a place that is protected and very safe. It is a place where the process of transforming darkness to light is done without fail. We can take sure-footed steps, one by one, gradually; but we can only advance very slowly. When we were in the Other World, in the World of Our Origin, we were in a place that is very secure. We are able to grow, climbing each step, one at a time. However, the pace at which we advance is very slow. This is how it is.

On the other hand, in This World, where we are Away, the Phenomenal World is for the soul a dangerous place, as I had mentioned.

The channels with which to engage with the world are also limited. Even more, we oscillate between Pleasure and Pain, therefore, we are easily consumed by and constantly shift between them. Because of this, as we exist in This World, we are prone to drift and lose understanding of the truth. This world, the Phenomenal World, also poses a danger of a fallout. But on the other hand, it is possible for the soul to make leaps of progress in growth and development here in the Phenomenal World. We can develop in a way that is discontinuous; there is such hope in this world.

We can make significant leaps of growth and awakening of the soul because the light and darkness hidden in our souls is amplified and appear; such is the way of this world. Once again, please take a look here: we can make leaps of progress, however, we can also experience fallouts. Such is the way of This World. I believe that you can relate to this because you have experienced this. You may have felt stable about something, only to end up thinking “how did this happen?!” or become a victim of circumstance. You might be dragged into an unexpected situation – these things happen, do they not?

In other words, the state of This World is that it undergoes change. That is why in this Phenomenal World, our spiritual level of development is tested. Does this not make this world a dynamic and challenging place of training? Indeed this is so. Such is the world that we are born into.


December 6, 2015: Gathering in Gratitude at Yokohama Arena (Broadcast to 27 venues nationwide)

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