There is a mission that only you can fulfill
As one and only individual in this world.
Open your new horizon in a new year.

Check the schedule below for the gathering in your area

Schedule of the 2018 New Year Gathering in English
in the USA, Brazil, UK and Melbourne
(video presentation)

Admission: $20

Sunday, February 28
13:00 – 16:30 (Hall opens at 12:00)
San Francisco

in Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport
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Please call or email for more information
Tel 415-731-0230 (The Flower Girl)

Sunday, March 4th
13:00 – 16:30 (Hall opens at 12:30)
Los Angeles

in New Gardena Hotel
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Please call for more information
Tel 818-893-3078 (Mochizuki)
Tel 818-324-5117 (Tsuji)

Sunday, March 18th
13:00 –16:30 (Hall opens at 12:00)
New York
in Scandinavia House
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Please call for more information
Tel 718-359-6277 (Akulin)

Sunday, March 18th
13:00 –16:30 (Hall opens at 12:00)

in 2727 Spalding Drive, Atlanta, GA 30350-4623
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Please call for more information
Tel 770-396-0511 (Tamura)

Sunday, March 18th
13:00 –16:30 (Hall opens at 12:00)

in 78 Charles St, Kew VIC 3101, Australia
Click here for map & directions

Please call or email for more information
Tel 0412 461 628
Tel 0411 800 837

Sunday, March 18th
13:00 –16:30 (Hall opens at 12:00)

66 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA

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Please call or email for more information
Tel+44 (0)7 478 344 929 (Sana Yamaguchi)
Tel 0411 800 837

For more information,
please email us at

Schedule of  2017 New Year Gathering in English in Japan

Sunday, January 21st
13:00 – 17:00 (Hall opens at 12:00)

Osaka tel:06-4803-5585
in Osaka International Convention Center
Click here for map & directions

Sunday, January 21st
13:00 – 17:00 (Hall opens at 12:00)

Nagoya tel:052-731-7191

in Nagoya Congress Center
Click here for map & directions

Sunday, January 28th
13:00 – 17:00 (Hall opens at 12:00)

Yokohama tel:050-3535-0515

in PACIFICO Yokohama
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For the English gathering in Japan, please email us at

Voice of Attendees

from 2016 New Year Gathering in SF

Very inspiring and motivational, I think it gave me a fresh perspective with focus on ability and confidence to change the future.

from 2016 New Year Gathering in SF

Refresh my heart. Get more energy. It brought many positive memories to my mind and motivated me to continue pushing forward.


from 2016 New Year Gathering in LA

I was extremely touched by this lecture and by the work with the singer (Practice Report). So moving, with real emotion, very inspiring for me.


Both times very good impression. I like the compassion and practical spiritual wisdom of this path.
Spiritual expansion and learning.


Sensei clearly guides us on how we can overcome the feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness we all experience in life.  The strength and power of the victims of the 2011 tsunami that overcome pain and loss of loved ones also resonates as an example of how to live.


The program is well organized, and I was very impressed by the MC.  I appreciate how he could sum up what was discussed previously.


Profile of the Lecturer

k_sensei_pic11Keiko Takahashi born in Tokyo in 1956, explains that at the foundation of the many challenges that modern society confronts, lies a hollowing out of the human being as many have lost sight of their origin of their existence as a soul that embodies eternal life. She has developed both a perspective of human beings and a perspective of the world that guide the recovery of that origin to compile them into a comprehensive Study of the Soul. She expounds the Soul Doctrine that introduces a way to live each day as an opportunity for developing the soul and has formed a system of practice principles and methods that serve this purpose. The dialogues that she conducts during her lectures reveal the paths of those who have transformed themselves and their lives to make positive contributions to society, inspiring and guiding participants to affirm the existence of the soul.

Keiko Takahashi leads GLA where she elaborates on these studies through various study opportunities,

including lectures and personal guidance. She accompanies individuals on their path, across several demographics and career types, addressing professionals in business management, medicine, education, and other fields based upon her insight toward the future of Japan and the world. Keiko Takahashi’s lectures for the general public have been ongoing since their inception in 1992, with the number of attendants exceeding one million.

The author’s many major works include: Reverse Your Destiny (forthcoming), We Can Change the Future, Living Based on the Soul Doctrine, Your Best for a New Era, Beyond the Vast Wasteland [Extended Version], The Path of Prayer (Revised Edition). English translations are available for The Path of Prayer (Revised Edition), Your Best for a New Era, Discovery of the Soul, The Reason Why You Were Born as You, The New Human Force, The Grand Challenge, The Principle of Hope, Realm of Hope, To the Land Beyond and Beyond the Vast Wasteland.

English E-Books by Keiko Takahashi


iBook Store (¥1,600, US$14.99) place order

Kindle Store (¥1,600, US$15.79) place order

Your Best for a New Era

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Life work, or mission-work brings each person a deep sense of fulfillment to feel “This is the reason I was born,” drawing forth an imaginable power from within them.

The Author’s Words (Excerpt from Preface to the English Edition)
This book tries to ascertain, together with readers, the truth about life. That is to say, each of us always has something in life that we can do. Everyone has a purpose in life, or life work to respond to in this world, and the personal best of those individuals who step forward – who this book proposes are In-En-based human beings – has the power to bring about maximum change in our reality. … May you regain the initiative in your life, freeing a brilliance yet to be seen.


iBook Store (¥2,200
US$21.99) place order

Kindle Store (¥2,200
US$21.64) view more

The Path of Prayer
Revised Edition
For a Supreme Dialogue

Keiko Takahashi’s longtime bestseller is now available in English.
When you cannot do anything about your unsettled feelings and want to restore your real self or when you want to grasp a deep meaning endowed in a given situation, open this book and you will be guided through an inner journey toward discovery of your soul.
Adding more than 60 new entries, this revised edition now basically covers a wide variety of scenes and conditions that you may experience in your life. Follow and trace the words of wisdom and make them your own to live with.

The Author’s Words (Excerpt from Preface)

May we return to ourselves no matter what the circumstance. May our loneliness and emptiness be healed; and may we take on with courage the reality that falls upon us, however harsh it is. May we attune our ears to hear the voice of the Great Existence, or God, who is always calling out to us. This book was born from these hopes. It would be my greatest joy if you could walk the path of life with this by your side, as your life companion, during times of happiness and sorrow.


iBook Store (¥1,700
US$16.99) place order

Kindle Store (¥1,700
US$16.77) view more

Discovery of the Soul

The Power to Break Through the Limitation of the Era

By the twenty-first century, mankind has acquired the capability of gene manipulation, turning matter into energy, and contacting people all over the world in an instant, transcending the constraints of time and space. From the perspective of peoples of former times, such power is close to miraculous. . . .

. . . Today, what is expected of us is to discover something within us that will sustain the power of mankind that is growing without limit, a new inner discovery that will allow us to respond to external reality in its entirety.

This is none other than an imminent impulse of the age that seeks to bring forth a new world. More than our forefathers, we must continue to dig deeply into the well that is our inner world and reach its center. There, we must discover the soul that is present. (From Prologue)


iBook Store (¥2,200
US$21.99) place order

Kindle Store (¥2,200
US$21.64) view more

The Reason Why You Were Born as You

Throughout this book, there is one key point that I must emphasize. All human souls live eternal lives. Put another way, we are all, as individuals, entrusted with a precious and irreplaceable mission in this world, living our lives wishing, more than anything else, to fulfill that mission. When we make this the center of our lives, the reality of our lives begins changing greatly, as deep trust and wisdom toward human beings and the world begin manifesting themselves. This is the principle that governs how we ought to live in accord with the coming age. (From Preface)

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