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Dr. Hiroshi Konomi (director of an institute for children with severe physical and mental challenges )

The indescribable joy of beholding a parent-child bond that is being reborn.





At one point, I conducted research on incurable diseases at universities and research centers. However, without being aware of it, an urge had developed deep in my heart which made me feel, “Something is not right. I want to respond directly to the patients’ pain.” At the age of 41, I stopped working as a researcher, and entered into medical practice involving children with developmental disabilities. The severity of this reality was beyond what I had imagined. There was nothing I could do for these incurable patients, and I became negligent of my own life as well.

At that time, I reached a turning point. My encounter with Takahashi Sensei in October of 1996 marked the start of this turning point. She said that human beings are souls who are born to fulfill their soul’s aspirations, and provided us with the refined theory and the path of practice for living for those wishes. I was strongly affected by each of Takahashi Sensei’s words as she uncovered the realities of human beings and the world.

I began changing my thoughts and actions through the Study of the Soul, and above all else, the way I related with the children in my medical practice changed. I came to feel a deep sense of gratitude toward each of them and we came to have warm exchanges. I have also observed dramatic improvements in autism and epileptic seizures that would normally be considered impossible. Moreover, through deep encounters with their parents, I have had the indescribable joy of beholding parent-child bonds being reborn. I used to murmur that “serious neurological illnesses from birth will not heal.” However, now I am convinced that “when parents and medical workers change, and the bond between parent and child is reborn, there will be a way of solving the challenges faced by such children.