Members' Practices

Mr. Michiyoshi Muramatsu
(Employed at a transportation Company)

I used to think that I was "sent away to the furthest corner of the earth" but in fact this was where my real life began.




A few years back, as I was just getting used to overseas training in Seattle, which I must admit it was not where I wanted to be, I was told to go to a small town in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska a few thousand kilometers away from Seattle. I felt, “I was being removed from the mainstream…” With this feeling of depression and loneliness from thinking that I was sent away to the furthest corner of the earth, my airplane landed in an extremely cold place in which there was no other Japanese person to be found.

Moreover, Mr. G. from whom I was assigned to get a contract was a very intimidating man who looked like an Alaskan grizzly bear. He laughed at my English, saying “Your English is terrible.” He also cancelled the contract and my corporate office was furious with me from the outset. My only support was The Path of Prayer and lectures by Takahashi Sensei* that were recorded on DVD’s. I began to think about what I had learned from Takahashi Sensei, that the essence of human nature is the soul and that the soul creates distinct lives by choosing to be born at different places. I began to take more a serious interest in Mr. G and others with whom I worked. Feeling that “I really want to find out more about him,” I worked hard on our relationship. One day, Mr. G. told me “I’ve never met anyone like you before.” From then on communication between us began. I was able to develop a new course for our company and my corporate office regarded my work highly. From this experience, I could not help but think that “No matter where I might be, I can open up a new path by means of the Study of the Soul!”

During the time I was stationed there, what was most revealing to me was that I was finally able to free myself from many years of the bondage of feeling that “I want to stay in a safety zone where I’m acknowledged by others.” Now I truly have the joy of living my real life liberated from this bondage.

*”Sensei” is a Japanese word meaning “teacher” and is often used as a form of address.