Members' Practices

Mr. Tetsuo Ue (mosaic artist)

The world that I used to think as "not present" was "actually present." The world of the soul is actually present!





Previously, although I created many works, I was not able to find a theme that “I truly wanted to depict from the bottom of my heart.” No matter how beautiful my work was, it was lacking something and it gave off an empty feeling.

I understood the reason for this emptiness when I met Keiko Takahashi Sensei. Losing my father to war when I was too young to remember things and losing, shortly afterward, both my grandparents who raised me, I experienced fear and hollow feeing as my loved ones were taken away from me one after another. Therefore, I made up my mind that “There is no invisible world and I could not believe in God and Buddha.” However, Sensei spoke of events from the past that only my grandfather and I could know and revealed to me the existence of the world of soul. I used to think of myself as a solitary existence but in reality my father and grandfather were as souls watching over me. The world that I used to think as “not present” was “actually present.” The world of the soul is actually present! Together with feelings of surprise and nostalgia, I was deeply healed. From that moment on, everything began to change for me. As the perspective of the Study of the Soul deepened within me, the world around me began to regain its color and I came to have loving and nostalgic feelings toward people I met.

The style of my works has also changed dramatically. Before, I used to draw what is beautiful in nature or the visible world, but after these changes I began to depict the connection between the energy within human beings and the existence of the universe and God. “This is truly what I wanted to draw.” With such a feeling of affirmation, I now wish to create works through which more and more people can sense that we exist together with the invisible dimension and the Great Existence.