Shinji Takahashi

Shinji Takahashi stressed that we are being given the chance to live by the Great Existence and the Divine Being, who is beyond human understanding, and that the reason we are born is for Establishment of the Self and World Harmony.





 Born in 1927 in Nagano prefecture, Shinji Takahashi, time and again, experienced "another self" that broke out of his "physical body" and sought for the answer to the question of who this "another self" is. For this purpose he also studied electronics, physics, astronomy, and medicine. While experiencing contact with the world of the soul (the other world) he revealed not only the relationship between mind-heart and the physical body of human beings but he was also awakened to the truth (the Divine Truth) that human beings transmigrate as souls harboring eternal life.  From that time on, while operating a computer manufacturing business, and through books such as The Origin of Heart, Discovery of Heart (three volumes), Buddha as a Human Being (four volumes) and many other books as well as engaging actively in lecturing, he taught that "human beings do not exist as physical bodies only but rather that their essence is the soul." He also taught us that "we are given chances to live by the Great Existence, the Divine Being who is beyond human understanding." He further taught that "the reason we are born is for the Establishment of the Self and World Harmony." He also continued to guide GLA and business owners in corporations. As he had predicted, he returned to the world of the soul after 7 years on June 25, 1976.