New Year Gathering 2017

Reversing Destiny

Turn a desperate situation into a potentially miraculous recovery
Produce a completely new dimension of reality out of a trial
Transform a monotonous way of life into one that is vivid and vibrant
Overcome distrust of people and the world and regain trust and a sense of bonds
Open up a new future that is discontinuous from the past
Transform a heart that sets limitations to be born anew as a different person
Free yourself from unrelenting shackles and weight of gravity of life
Bring to shine a past that you could not accept
Discover your purpose inside of what you thought to be a life of decline
from Reversing Destiny by Keiko Takahashi

The New Year Gathering is an event at which individuals gather
at the beginning of the year to
re-examine their aspirations; and Keiko Takahashi will provide a lecture addressing the new year.
In addition, Divine Truth cards, inscribed with the Twelve Bodaishin prayers composed by Keiko Takahashi, will be offered to each participant to serve as guideposts for the New Year.

GLA is an organization the members
of which study Keiko Takahashi’s Study of the Soul. These studies are based on theory and practice through which people can draw forth the inner power of their soul — the essential force of human beings. Keiko Takahashi aspires for as many people as possible to find happiness beginning with the discovery of profound answers to questions in life and in day to day realities.



January 15
Osaka (download pdf)**

January 22
Yokohama (download pdf)**
Nagoya (Broadcast live from Yokohama) (download pdf)*


February 19
Los Angeles (video presentation)(more info to come)*
Sao Paulo (video presentation)(more info to come)**

February 26
San Francisco (video presentation)(more info to come)*
Atlanta (video presentation)(more info to come)*
Melbourne (video presentation)(more info to come)*

March 12
New York (video presentation)(more info to come)*

* English translation is available.
** Portuguese translation is available.