2014 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi Report

Spreading Beyond the Borders to America, Brazil and Australia


A video presentation gathering of the 2014 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi with the theme, The Bold Challenge of Self-Revolution—Overcome in an Era of Change was held in six cities across the globe. November 16th in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Paolo, and on November 23rd in Atlanta and Melbourne.

In each of these locations attendees varied in age, nationality, social positions and even religious backgrounds, confirming that the Soul Doctrine is a universal understanding that applies to all people.

In Sao Paulo and San Francisco, the program began with a presentation given by a corporate manager and a former diplomat from Japan who gave individual reports of how the Study of the Soul transformed their reality to definite outcomes.

The video presentation of the lecture began and an atmosphere with a level of high concentration continued throughout the program. Participants were particularly drawn to the unquestionable fact –which was made evident through a variety of activities and presentations on stage –that realities are a projection of what is thought inside our hearts. One of them was a practice report of a medical doctor in Tokyo who was introduced in the latter half of the lecture.

Attendees were inspired by ideas that were entirely innovative and guided many individuals to stop and think about their own lives. Thoughtful voices were received regarding the significance of having a goal and living the relation between the soul, heart and mind, and reality. We were able to welcome people who were keen to join the practical study to accomplish their life mission, and those who showed interest in learning more about their strengths in the Study of the Soul.