2015 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi

We Can Change the Future

A transformative way of thinking to discover the best possible path even in the most difficult of times.

Currently the world is undergoing drastic change.

“My usual ways aren’t working.”
“Things were working so well until now, what happened?”
“I’m worried about what this world is coming to.”
Conventional beliefs, common sense, and societal values are wavering.
We are facing an era of Chaos.

Each one of us is being asked
how to think and what to do in these times of trial.

One thing is for certain.
When you change, the world changes.
The two occur at the same time.

You can change the future with your own hands.
You can open up a new world.

This unwavering hope and practice method can be yours.


November 1
Osaka (download pdf)*
Okinawa (Broadcast live from Osaka) (download pdf)*

November 8
Yokohama (download pdf)*
Nagoya (Broadcast live from Yokohama) (download pdf)*

November 15
New York (download pdf) (video presentation)*
San Francisco (download pdf) (video presentation )*

November 22
Los Angeles (download pdf) (video presentation) *
Atlanta (download pdf) (video presentation)*
Melbourne (download pdf) (video presentation)*
Sao Paulo(video presentation)**

* English translation is available.
** Portuguese translation is available.
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