2019 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi

How to Make Your Life the Best II

Voices from the First-Time Participants
Witnessing several real-life examples of people practicing these studies gave me hope that I can also live my “best life” if I study here.
- 30s, Male

I was surprised to see so many participants. It was as though they knew they would find answers to life’s questions here.
- 40s, Female

It was amazing to see the extent to which a person can change. It made me really want to change as well.
- 40s, Female

I just met Takahashi Sensei in person and my soul is stirring. She saw right through me and my life in an instant and revealed to me my worries. It really moved me.
- Overseas, 60s, Male


In Japan

October 14th (Mon Holiday)

Grandmesse Kumamoto (Japan)
(No English translation is available)
Enquiry: 03-5828-8426 (English and Japanese)
076-231-3033 (Japanese only)

November 3 (Sun)

Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall

November 10 (Sun)

Osaka International Convention Center

November 24 (Sun)

Nagoya Century Hall
Enquiry: 03-5828-8426 (English and Japanese)
076-231-3033 (Japanese only)


November 10 (Sun)

Los Angeles (video presentation)*
New Gardena Hotel

November 17 (Sun)

San Francisco (video presentation)*
Crowne Plaza San Francisco Int’l Airport
New York (video presentation)*
Scandinavia House

November 24 (Sun)

Atlanta (video presentation)*
Japanese Embroidery Center
Sao Paulo (video presentation)**
Teatro FECAP
Melbourne (video presentation)*
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

* English translation is available.
** Portuguese translation is available.
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