New Year Gathering 2013

A New Era Begins from within Each Individual.

The New Year Gathering is an event at which individuals gather at the beginning of the year to re-examine their aspirations; and Keiko Takahashi will provide a lecture addressing the new year.

Keiko Takahashi will provide a lecture addressing the new year. In addition, Divine Truth cards, inscribed with the Twelve Bodaishin prayers composed by Keiko Takahashi, will be offered to each participant to serve as guideposts for the New Year.

Reports on New Year Gatherings in the U.S., Australia, and Brasil

Her words are very inspiring. Today I learned that being happy and having your true self do not mean that are most always live within the light, we must learn to bear our troubles with grace and transform them into light.
Atlanta, 15 years old female

It was very interesting to see how Mr. Koshina's path through life changed from violence to peace.
Atlanta, 34 years old, male

Easy to follow, good presentation very informing lecture.
San Francisco, 25 years old, male

Sensei has demonstrated once again how our soul is born into a world while knowing all the hardship it will have to face, not trying to be born into heaven, but rather wanting to take on the challenges to bear negative reality into light.
New York, 29 years old, male

Keiko Sensei revealed some insights. She said that we shouldn't want to stay entirely in the dimension of light because our callings will be found in the dimension of darkness.
New York, 68 years old, male

It gives me lots of hope and makes me think about how I'm living my day today.
Melbourne, 32 years old, female

I was very moved and so I will study and read more and try to reflect the light of my soul to all I meet.
Melbourne, 63 years old, female