New Year Gathering 2015

The future
Awaits us
With open arms
Like the open sea
Without obstruction
As far as the eyes can see.

Set aside
All limitations
Express all that you aspire
Envision the blueprint anew
With all your might.

Keiko Takahashi
(Excerpted from 2015 Calendar Time of the Sacred Spirit)

The New Year Gathering is an event at which individuals gather at the beginning of the year to re-examine their aspirations; and Keiko Takahashi will provide a lecture addressing the new year. In addition, Divine Truth cards, inscribed with the Twelve Bodaishin prayers composed by Keiko Takahashi, will be offered to each participant to serve as guideposts for the New Year.

GLA aims to bring out the light of God within each person into this world. Each member studies and puts to practice the Study of the Soul as an individual, regardless of occupation and age.


January 18 - Osaka Japan

03-5828-8426 (International Dept.) 

January 25 -
Yokohama Japan

03-5828-8426 (International Dept.) 
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Broadcast live from Tokyo
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February 15- USA 

New York
718-359-6277 (Akulin) 
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San Francisco
415-387-9793 (Kato)
408-738-3633 (Ueki)
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February 22- USA 

Los Angeles 
818-893-3078 (Mochizuki)    
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March 29-Australia

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February 22-Brazil

Sao Paulo
(11)5021-7261 (Ishida)
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