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Books by Keiko Takahashi

Among the more than thirty books written by Keiko Takahashi, 14 have been translated in English. Each provides you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with and deepen your understanding of the Study of the Soul, the unique perspective on human beings and the world developed by Keiko Takahashi. Beyond the Vast Wasteland contains poems by the author, whereas the other five books present theory of the Study of the Soul together with the story of living individuals who practiced it and changed their lives.

Recommendation According to Your Interests and Concerns

Reversing Destiny
Miracles started from one choice

Attain the Power and Laws to Change Your Destiny.

“Destiny is out of my control. It comes down on me from outside and tosses my life about.”

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We can change the future

Chaos-Perception Approach Makes Us Stronger in the Face of Trials

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The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life
5 Inner Revolutions to Change Life and Work

I present to the reader in this book a way of life that I call the Soul Doctrine. For most readers living in the English-speaking world, the Soul Doctrine is likely a term new to your ears. There are probably those of you who have no interest in such matters as the soul or do not believe in its existence

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Your Best for a New Era
Finding Your Purpose in Life

Life work, or mission-work
brings each person a deep sense of fulfillment
to feel “This is the reason I was born,”
drawing forth an imaginable power from within them.

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The Path of Prayer
Revised Edition
For a Supreme Dialogue

Keiko Takahashi's longtime bestseller is now available in English.

The author's longtime bestseller is now available in English. When you are overcome by your emotions and strive to return to your real self; or when you seek to understand a deeper meaning endowed in a given situation, turn to this book and you will be guided through an inner journey toward discovery of your soul. <read more>

Realm of Hope
Seeking an Uncharted Land

“Even if there are one thousand ordeals or ten thousand difficulties, from each and every individual who accepts them, one thousand paths to hope or even ten thousand paths to hope will emerge. Isn&rsquo;t that the realm of hop we should be seeking?” (from Prologue) <read more>

To the Land Beyond
A Message from the Disaster of March 11

There is a place for us to go.
What is the heart and mind we should now seek, the bonds we should build,
and the form a new nation and new civilization should take?

24 additional poems and photographs of life after Beyond the Vast Wasteland. <read more>

Discovery of the Soul
The Power to Break Through the Limitation of the Era

By the twenty-first century, mankind has acquired the capability of gene manipulation, turning matter into energy, and contacting people all over the world in an instant, transcending the constraints of time and space. From the perspective of peoples of former times, such power is close to miraculous. . . .
. . . Today, what is expected of us is to discover something within us that will sustain the power of mankind that is growing without limit, a new inner discovery that will allow us to respond to external reality in its entirety.

This is none other than an imminent impulse of the age that seeks to bring forth a new world. More than our forefathers, we must continue to dig deeply into the well that is our inner world and reach its center. There, we must discover the soul that is present.  (From Prologue) <read more>

Beyond the Vast Wasteland

24 Poems and Photographs of Life after the Great Earthquake of East Japan

  Poems in Requiem
  Facing the Ordeals in Life
  Toward Genesis

I feel there has been some kind of great change in us since the earthquake. I believe such change must continue. To that extent there is deep meaning in calling such a situation a “national crisis.” How should we now view the world? What should people now seek? What should we bequest to the next generation?  (From Prologue)

The Reason Why You Were Born as You

Throughout this book, there is one key point that I must emphasize. All human souls live eternal lives. Put another way, we are all, as individuals, entrusted with a precious and irreplaceable mission in this world, living our lives wishing, more than anything else, to fulfill that mission. When we make this the center of our lives, the reality of our lives begins changing greatly, as deep trust and wisdom toward human beings and the world begin manifesting themselves. This is the principle that governs how we ought to live in accord with the coming age.  (From Preface)

The New Human Force
The Declaration—"I Will Change Myself"

“I will change myself” is also the manifestation of the determination to “change everything, here and now.” Just as Copernicus’s determination radically transformed the world, this declaration “I will change myself” has an ongoing power. It is a force that wells up from a profound prayer for the world, to which one we entrust everything.
  We start to live life on the basis of the calling “I will change myself” when we see the world’s problems before our own eyes and think that we must act even if we have to radically change ourselves. This is the moment when the new declaration starts to manifest itself from within.

What will all this change? Bitterness toward others that has imprisoned us will melt away. We will start to see positive aspects of people with whom we formerly did not get along. We will renew relationships with people with whom we had difficulties. We will stop hitting our heads against the wall and will find a new path. We will start seeing clues to problems we thought were unsolvable. By changing ourselves, we change the way we interact with others, which ultimately leads to a new reality. In other words, when we change what is inside, the outside changes as well, a simultaneous internal and external transformation taking place. This incredible transformation causes us to turn over a new leaf and brings about the emergence of a new reality and course of history. (From Chapter 1: A New Declaration)

The Grand Challenge

This process, to look within ourselves and to connect our inner selves and the outer world is what will bring about the new age of the 21st century. This is the Grand Challenge itself! The Grand Challenge is not simply some newfangled technique for living, but a fundamental shift in the very assumptions on the way we ought to live as well as the way in which the human and the world ought to interact. It is a new challenge to return to the original nature of human beings, that is, the integration of the spiritual and phenomenal worlds. This is "The Declaration of the Grand Challenge," an entry point to a new way of living, to which we will be referring throughout this book.
(From The Declaration of the Grand Challenge)

The Principle of Hope

“The principle of hope” does not exist simply to console you. It is the law that whatever hardship may strike and cause us pain in the course of our lives, at all times, there is one path for taking on that pain which surely transforms darkness into light; that is, the universe has prepared a path which heals all the pain from its root. No matter how hopeless the situation may appear, the basic structure and workings of the world teach us that there is a path we should be taking at that time. Whatever limitations one may experience in life, this new vision of the world and of life shows us the path to overcome any and all limitations. (From Chapter 8: The Principle of Hope)