Book by Keiko Takahashi

The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life

5 Inner Revolutions to Change Life and Work

This book depicts the lives of five individuals who live by the Soul Doctrine. Their amazing transformation is neither fantasy nor fiction, but real life stories based on facts.


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The Author's Words (from Preface to the English Edition)

I present to the reader in this book a way of life that I call the Soul Doctrine. For most readers living in the English-speaking world, the Soul Doctrine is likely a term new to your ears. There are probably those of you who have no interest in such matters as the soul or do not believe in its existence.
Yet, even for such persons, I would like you by all means to think about it in the following way. What we call the soul is, in a word, our nucleus— a center that we must not lose. It is the dimension that brings us lifelong purpose, aspiration, and ideals that we must fulfill.
The Soul Doctrine is a way of life that places importance on the soul by steadily maintaining it as the central axis of our existence; and relentlessly taking on the challenge on the ground level of reality in life, to fulfill the aspirations and ideals that we should seek.
Now, when the ideals that mankind has preciously nurtured—for example, democracy, humanitarianism, the spirit of international cooperation—are in danger of losing their effect, I ask that you turn your eyes by all means to this new way of life that can give us the strength to secure the ideals of mankind to be manifested in the real world. This world, which is filled with unprecedented difficulties and problems, is in real need of such power.
My heartfelt desire is that this book becomes a force of strength for you to push open the gates to a new life.