2013 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi


Better today, even better tomorrow –
Each individual's best for a new era.

A new way of living based on a new philosophy and corresponding set of theories will reveal a path to new possibilities, even amid the current, volatile and unstable state of the world.

October 20, Nagoya*
October 27, Yokohama*
November 4, Osaka

November 10
New York(in video)*
Los Angeles (in video)*
Atlanta (in video)*

November 17
San Francisco(in video)*

November 24
Sao Paulo (in video)

December 1
Melbourne (in video)*

* English translation is available. 

The world is currently undergoing significant change that is particularly noticeable in politics and in the economy as well as in tense international relations as we head toward an era of new movement. The future embodies a potential for either a positive reality that we have never experienced before or a risk of producing an unexpected, negative reality.

It is because we are confronting a pivotal moment in time that our society seeks a new philosophy, new theories, and a new way of living that will provide us with guidelines for the future. We believe that the Study of the Soul advocated by Keiko Takahashi provides us with a key to such guidelines and that the 2013 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi** provides us with an opportunity to inform society about the availability of this knowledge.

The lecture circuit for 2013 will begin in Nagoya on Sunday, October 20, and then move to Yokohama on Sunday 27 and will conclude in Osaka on Monday, November 4. These lectures will be broadcast live to several locations. The video presentation of this event will also be given abroad in the United States, Australia, and Brazil. We look forward to your attendance at the lecture.

**Note: Event produced by Keiko Takahashi Lecture Committee: GLA, TL Management Group, TL Medicine Group, TL Education Group Schedule of dates and locations of the 2013 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi. (English translation will be available in the venues shown in bold letters.)

Sunday, October 20 Nagoya at Nagoya Congress Center
Sunday, October 27, Yokohama at Pacifico Yokohama

Sunday, November 4, Osaka at Osaka-Jo Hall

Sunday, November 10
New York (in video)*
Los Angeles (in video)*
Atlanta(in video)*

Sunday, November 17, San Francisco
Sunday, November 24, San Paulo
Sunday, December 1, Melbourne