Members' Practices

Practicing the Study of the Soul is not simply mental training. It involves changes in our perception and thought, changes in our relationships, changes in the reality of our family and workplace, and change in the world. At GLA, people of all generations are working on practice of the Study of the Soul, continually bringing about concrete results.



Mr. Michiyoshi Muramatsu (Employed at a transportation Company)

I used to think that I was "sent away to the furthest corner of the earth" but in fact this was where my real life began.


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Ms Keiko Komori (Store manager of a women's apparel shop)

The realm of beautiful spirituality is not merely an armchair theory. We can find a path to realize ideals through it.


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Dr. Kazunari Fukushima (Physician specializing in psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine)

When my mindset changed, the door to my patients' heart, which had been tightly locked, opened


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Mr. Tatsuo Nonouchi (president of a rope and industrial material sales company)

"The limit of our imagination becomes the limit of our creativity." Inspired by these words, I took on the challenge and was able to overcome my company's crisis.


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Mr. Takehiro Taniguchi (employee at a major electric appliance company)

The Study of the Soul is not mere good conscience. It has the power to guide complex and difficult real problems to ultimate solution.


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Mr. Tetsuo Ue (mosaic artist)

The world that I used to think as "not present" was "actually present." The world of the soul is actually present!


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