2014 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi

The Bold Challenge of

To overcome in an era of change

The world is undergoing significant change.
Conventional values and what was thought to be common sense now waver;
Way of life and work standards are changing.

Because this is a time
When the economy and international relations are all undergoing renewal,
These changes pose a question to each of us,
In what way should we live?

What choices will you make and what will you value?

is your key to overcome in an era of transition.

October 12
Nagoya (download pdf)*

October 26
Osaka (download pdf)
(download pdf) (video presentation)*

November 9
Yokohama (download pdf)*

November 16
New York (download pdf) (video presentation)*
Los Angeles (download pdf) (video presentation *
San Francisco (download pdf) (video presentation *
Sao Paulo (download pdf) (video presentation)**

November 23
Atlanta (download pdf) (video presentation)*
Melbourne (download pdf) (video presentation)*

* English translation is available.
** Portuguese translation is available.
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