2018 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi

How to Make Your Life the Best

The Secret of Engaging Great Chaos

The key to living the best life
lies in Great Chaos—
the major turning points in life.

I have found what I want to do!
I’m truly thankful for my life!

Find the key to your best life.

Voices from the First-Time Participants
I felt there’s a meaning for my coming to Japan.
- Female from Kenya in her 20’s

This is the most powerful lecture I’ve ever heard.
- Male from the United States in his 60’s

I realized that there is no one who is not needed.
- Male from Kobe in his 30’s

Now I understand why people further their Study of the Soul.
- Male from Nagoya in his 40’s

My dilemma is resolved and I feel refreshed
- Female from Kobe in her 50’s

The answer I’ve been seeking is here! This is the hope for Japan.
- Male from Yokohama in his 70’s


In Japan

October 14th (Sun)

Hotel Kanazawa (Kanazawa, Japan)
(No English translation is available)
Enquiry: 03-5828-8426 (English and Japanese)
076-231-3033 (Japanese only)

November 4 (Sun)

Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall

November 11 (Sun)

ATC Hall, Asia and Pacific Trade Center

November 18 (Sun)

Nagoya Congress Center, Century Hall


November 11 (Sun)

Los Angeles (video presentation)*
New Gardena Hotel
New York (video presentation)*
Scandinavia House

November 18 (Sun)

San Francisco (video presentation)*
Crowne Plaza San Francisco Int’l Airport

Atlanta (video presentation)*
Japanese Embroidery Center

November 25 (Sun)

Sao Paulo (video presentation)**
Teatro FECAP
Melbourne (video presentation)*
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

* English translation is available.
** Portuguese translation is available.
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