New Year Gathering 2014

You can choose your future. Bring out your personal best for a new era.
Yokohama (Japan) : Live
USA, Brazil, Australia : Video

The New Year Gathering in January (held in major cities in Japan) is an event at which individuals gather at the beginning of the year to re-examine their aspirations; and Keiko Takahashi will provide a lecture addressing the new year. In addition, Divine Truth cards, inscribed with the Twelve Bodaishin prayers composed by Keiko Takahashi, will be offered to each participant to serve as guideposts for the new year.

In February, we hold the video presentation gatherings both in Japan and in abroad. This event features a video recording of Keiko Takahashi's lecture for the new year and participants are able to receive Divine Truth cards there as well.  



January 19 - Osaka Japan

03-5828-8426 (International Dept.) 

January 26 -
Yokohama Japan

03-5828-8426 (International Dept.) 

Broadcast live from Tokyo

February 9- USA 

New York    

San Francisco  


February 16- USA 

Los Angeles   

February 9 - Australia


February 16 - Brazil