Compass of the Times

Sailing uncharted waters of this era, we earnestly aspire to pave a path by applying the insights from the Study of the Soul to human beings and the world. Keiko Takahashi shows us the path to take by illuminating the past, present, and the future.

In response to each individual’s wish to pursue more of the Study of the Soul, Takahashi Sensei provides us with Words of the Month and Compass of the Times each month, which, interrelated to each other, serve not only as clues for our studies and practice, but also as monthly guidelines for living our lives.

February 2018 Compass of the Times 167

Envisioning Metsu

What is Metsu?

The word Metsu means cessation in Buddhist terms and often appears in conversations among those who study and practice the Study of the Soul. For instance it might be said “It is important to start things from having Metsu.” or “Aren’t you forgetting to envision Metsu?”

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January 2018 Compass of the Times 166

To Walk with the Invisible

This Year, Which Door Do You Push Open Anew?

Happy new year.

The beginning of a new year will always come around each year without fail. It is natural and it is a matter of course that the end of the year comes and a new year begins as time passes by. Despite such repetition, the beginning of the year continues to provide us with a sense of new opening and presage.

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