Compass of the Times

Sailing uncharted waters of this era, we earnestly aspire to pave a path by applying the insights from the Study of the Soul to human beings and the world. Keiko Takahashi shows us the path to take by illuminating the past, present, and the future.

In response to each individual’s wish to pursue more of the Study of the Soul, Takahashi Sensei provides us with Words of the Month and Compass of the Times each month, which, interrelated to each other, serve not only as clues for our studies and practice, but also as monthly guidelines for living our lives.

December 2018 Compass of the Times 177

To Pray

To be Grateful for Each Day of This Year

We have only a month left until the end of 2018.

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November 2018 Compass of the Times 176

Produce an Output

Inseparable Pairs of Concepts that Support Human Development and Evolution

The Study of the Soul1 has an aspect that represents the exploration of the potential of human beings. How can the inner potential of human beings be released?

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October 2018 Compass of the Times 175

To Bear Fruits

Four Seasons of Japan

Japan is in a temperate climate zone and has four seasons that display an abundance of colorful changes throughout the year.

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September 2018 Compass of the Times 174

To Be Connected with the World

We Are One with Situations

As we did last month, I would like again to think about the perspective of Chaos.

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August 2018 Compass of the Times 173

In Search of the Future

The Customary Way of Living

The typical way of living, which we human beings acquire when we are born and raised, is the way of living based on labeling and dividing things into good or bad.

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July 2018 Compass of the Times 172

To the Other Side of the Door

To the Other Side of the Door:
A Way of Life Guided by the Study of the Soul

It is of great significance to us to pursue and become familiar with the Study of the Soul*1. This leads our lives away from the materialistic inclinations of the modern world and allows us to instead sustain our proper balance.

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June 2018 Compass of the Times 171

To Walk the Royal Road

What Will Be Given To Us (from the Study of the Soul)?

GLA holds three Age-Based Seminars1 from May to June, in which members have three days of learning experiences nationwide, centering on the Yatsugatake venue.

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May 2018 Compass of the Times 170

To Move Forward

There Is No Limit to Inner Development

May is a month with refreshing breezes. In spring, lives that have been quiet during winter begin their activities and release their power all at once. It is a season of life that manifests in explosive development. I hope that you are also experiencing a “life that is developing” when surrounded by fresh young greenery.

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April 2018 Compass of the Times 169

To the Reinstatement
of the Spirituality

The Place Where We Stand

Every April, GLA celebrates its anniversary. It is the time of a year when we confirm where we stand at present and the direction in which we plan to head. This month, we would like to focus on these issues.

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March 2018 Compass of the Times 168

To Continue

The Power to Take Over: Stairway Theory

A human ability that distinguishes us from other animals is the power to take over the steps of our past and proceed to the next stage of life.

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February 2018 Compass of the Times 167

Envisioning Metsu

What is Metsu?

The word Metsu means cessation in Buddhist terms and often appears in conversations among those who study and practice the Study of the Soul. For instance it might be said “It is important to start things from having Metsu.” or “Aren’t you forgetting to envision Metsu?”

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January 2018 Compass of the Times 166

To Walk with the Invisible

This Year, Which Door Do You Push Open Anew?

Happy new year.

The beginning of a new year will always come around each year without fail. It is natural and it is a matter of course that the end of the year comes and a new year begins as time passes by. Despite such repetition, the beginning of the year continues to provide us with a sense of new opening and presage.

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