Excerpts from Recent Lectures and Guidance 2013

Every week, Keiko Takahashi travels to different places throughout Japan, and gives lectures and provides guidance for GLA members as well as professionals in the various fields of management, medicine or education. Each month we will introduce one invaluable essay arising from these encounters.


December 22, 2013: Fourth Lecture of the 20th Global GENESIS Project at Nagoya Congress Center (broadcast live to 61 locations nationwide)

The power dedicated to the construction of the world (on the left) has increased, compared to the power to cultivate an awakened consciousness (on the right), which has weakened, resulting in an imbalance between the realms to the left and to the right. <read more>

December 8, 2013; 2013 Gathering in Gratitude, Yokohama Arena (broadcast live to 23 locations nationwide)

I believe that a condition is required of a religion in the 21st century – to connect the cycles of the spirit and phenomena. <read more>

November 24, 2013: NexStage Series Seminar (Tokyo Prince Hotel)

In this way, we have built an era of expansion based on the pleasure-seeking principle. What kind of principles, then, should we set at the base of our mind as we create the next era and the next stage of growth of human beings? <read more>

November 4, 2013: Lecture by Keiko Takahashi (Broadcast live to Fukushima, Fukaya, Kanazawa, Kochi, Fukuoka, and Okinawa from Osaka-jo Hall)

Lastly I would like to tell you all about this certain principle. The principle is called the “Pareto Principle” discovered by an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto. It is derived from an empirical rule in which 20 percent of the producers of products produced 80% of the products. <read more>

October 27, 2013: Lecture by Keiko Takahashi (Pacifico Yokohama, Century Hall)

Do you have initiative over your own life and are you standing on the In-En side? If I ask you this question, many of you may think “This is my life so it’s obvious that I’m taking the lead in my own life. Therefore, I must be standing on the In-En side.”
However, let us consider if this is in fact true. Now, think about the time when you were born. <read more>

October 20, 2013: Lecture by Keiko Takahashi ( Century Hall Nagoya Congress Center)

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome here today.
Unfortunately, here in Nagoya it is raining and the Saneiketsu (three heroes) of the Nagoya Festival may be feeling downhearted by this weather. Today's lecture will be broadcast from here in Nagoya to Sapporo up in Hokkaido, Morioka in Tohoku and all the way down to Miyazaki in Kyushu. I am honored that all of you were able to attend, regardless of the weather in these areas. <read more>

October 6, 2013 Total Life Human Principles Seminar
(Tokyo Prince Hotel)

What advancements have been made regarding the exploration of the spiritual realm? The principles of exploration of the spiritual realm are completely different, and in a sense, in polar contrast to those pertaining to the exploration of science. <read more>