Excerpts from Lectures and Guidance in 2012

Every week, Keiko Takahashi Sensei travels to different places throughout Japan, and gives lectures and provides guidance for GLA members as well as professionals in the various fields of management, medicine or education. Each month we will introduce one invaluable essay arising from these encounters.


December 9, 2012: Gathering in Gratitude

Why are we born into this world? Why do we live life in this phenomenal world, encounter various forms of the law of disintegration at work, and confront countless problems and difficulties?

The mission of the human being lies therein. Furthermore, the path to fulfilling it is already available and many members have been proceeding upon this path of liberating their souls. The light they emit characterizes the radiance of the year present throughout 2012. <read more>

November 18, 2012: 19th Global GENESIS Project 4th Lecture by Keiko Takahashi (Simultaneous broadcast connecting 53 locations nationwide)

It fills me with so much happiness to be able to see each of your faces here in Tohoku today. It is such a blessing that each of you are well and have been able to endure this past year and several months. Those are my only sentiments. <read more>

November 4, 2012: Lecture by Keiko Takahashi in Yokohama (Broadcasted to Morioka, Hiroshima and Okinawa )

The reality that Japan now faces is full of negative realities, including stagnation, shortages, discord, and misfortune.
Imagine the possibilities of new realities founded on each individual’s solution to negative realities, based on the discovery and application of wisdom and will from deep within the soul. <read more>

October 28, 2012: Lecture by Keiko Takahashi in Osaka (Broadcasted to Fukushima and Toyama )

We have examined how possibilities and limitations form reality.
On the other hand, what would happen if our minds and hearts were filled with distress or discontentment? What would occur if our hearts were filled with anger or an unforgiveable past? <read more>

October 14, 2012: Lecture by Keiko Takahashi in Nagoya (Broadcasted to Sapporo, Saitama, Okayama, Fukuoka, and Miyazaki)

Let us think about the various problems that occur before us. If we perceive problems or incidents from a superficial level of our mind-heart, we are bound to consider the situation as a mere coincidence – as something that has no relation to us and as something that just happened to occur. <read more>

September 30, 2012: Lecture in Total Life Human Principles Seminar

Some of you here may feel you are living under circumstances in which you feel that you have reached your limits. You may be wondering what your futures will be based on decisions you have made. <read more>

August 31, 2012: Summer Special Memorial Services held in Tokyo at the Prayer Hall in the General Headquarter

In the long history of mankind up to the present, how many souls have been born and have died? There may be some who share the same name. However, a soul with a specific appearance and specific experiences, can only be that person, no matter how vast the universe is or how long history may be. <read more>