Members' Practices

Mr. Takehiro Taniguchi (employee at a major electric appliance company)

The Study of the Soul is not mere good conscience. It has the power to guide complex and difficult real problems to ultimate solution.




A few years ago, I encountered a problem of quality at work. There was product failure affecting lasers and we had to call back several million lasers that had already been shipped. We were in a situation in which replacement and repair of the product could have led to a huge loss. Difficult requests from clients continued and even when we tried to solve the problem, complex circumstances from the past were involved and made it hard to see the actual situation. Moreover, almost no support was provided by the department concerned.

It was during this time of oppression about which I could do nothing that Sensei said to me “Let’s find a path together. There is a reason why it has turned out this way.” She clearly taught me how to perceive the problem, the causes within and outside myself, and a breakthrough in the situation, revealing the core truth of the situation. It was as if the world in front of me had become clear and I was able to regain calmness. I came to understand that no matter how great the conflict, there are wishes within every person to solve problems. This helped me to look on any difficult demand as a calling towards a step forward. As a result of solving problems one by one, the negative factors that were created by the problems of quality changed to positive factors and we were able to develop a deeper trust with our clients, which led to substantial results.

Previously, I had the preconception that the Study of the Soul was the same as ethics or good conscience. But I now have a different view. The Study of the Soul has the power to guide complex and difficult real problems to ultimate solutions. I am now certain of that and feel joy in being able to take on new challenges.