Members' Practices

Ms Keiko Komori
(Store manager of a women's apparel shop)

The realm of beautiful spirituality is not merely an armchair theory. We can find a path to realize ideals through it.





When I was in high school, I came across a prepatory school in which not only did they teach knowledge, but humanity and spirituality as well. I found myself attracted to their ideas and after graduating from college, I became an instructor there, pursuing this ideal education for 20 years. However, the reality and ideals were so much in conflict that a clash of interest between colleagues occurred and the preparatory school eventually closed. In the midst of my feelings of resignation and pain, I strongly engraved in my heart that “the realm of beautiful spirituality is merely an armchair theory and that ideals will never become a reality.”

It was about that time I first read Takahashi Sensei’s book. It depicted the lives of people who were burdened by harsh realities, yet strove to overcome them and live in accordance with their inner aspiration. I intuitively thought, “this is a genuine way of living” and I felt my heart tremble. I met with Takahashi Sensei and started to learn “The Study of the Soul” When an individual (one) harbors darkness in his/her (one’s) heart, negative reality will be produced. When an individual (one) harbors light within one’s heart, positive reality will be called forth. I learned that in order to realize my aspiration, I needed to start by looking into my heart and transforming it.

Currently, I am a manager of a women’s apparel shop in a department store. When there was a staff member who was having a hard time learning her job, I used to tell her, “if you cannot do this, we don’t need you.” However, I changed this relationship on the basis of the feeling, “I would like to become an environment so that her potential will be revealed.” If there were a staff member who opposed something, I engaged myself with a true heart by murmuring “I will listen to what you have to say.”

Moreover, in order to achieve a sales goal, there is usually a quota for each individual to meet. In such cases, colleagues become rivals, harboring jealousy and attachments which results in her being uable to fulfill her aspiration. I stopped assigning quotas to them and thought about staff members collaborating and increasing their business performance driven by bonds and collaboration. As they worked to write more profound Wisdom sheets, a method to realize an individual’s aspiration, our business performance steadily increased. As a result, among the chain of 100 stores nationwide, our store received an outstanding performance award six consecutive years. My aspiration, “to accomplish a goal driven by bonds and collaboration and not by competition” has become a reality. Now, through practicing “The Study of the Soul,” I have a firm conviction that ideals (aspirations) can be realized.