Excerpts from Recent Lectures and Guidance

Every week, Keiko Takahashi travels to different places throughout Japan, and gives lectures and provides guidance for GLA members as well as professionals in the various fields of management, medicine or education. Each month we will introduce one invaluable essay arising from these encounters.


March 22, 2015: The 22nd Global GENESIS Project Commencement Lecture in Nagoya

We tend to believe that people in the modern era harbor skepticism toward the existence of God and eternal life. However, based on examining these survey results, I wonder if this is really true or not.
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March 15, 2015: Kanazawa Spring Gathering

Today, we are about to hand out the Twelve Bodaishin to everyone here. I want you to think of these Twelve Bodaishin as a crystallization of the wisdom and power that exist in nature.
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February 15, 2015: Local New Year Gathering in Nagoya

What would be the case with the development of our body? Please take a look at this chart. The growth rate is at its highest in the first year after birth.
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February 8, 2015: New Year Gathering in Kochi

It is our heart which gives shape to chaos, and creates future  reality each and every second. This is what I have explained to you as Ju-Hatsu-Shiki. Our heart perceieves and interprets the world, materializes the future one by one, shapes it and forms a result. <read more>

January 25, 2015: New Year Gathering in Yokohama

In face of Chaos, even though we intend to bring out various potentials, our heart are prone to label the world as either good or bad.

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January 18, 2015: New Year Gathering in Osaka

Everyone, let’s take a look at this. This is the image of us as we are facing the flow of time.

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January 1, 2015: Gathering in Prayer for the New Year

All people are created equal and are irreplaceably precious. This is a perspective that is deeply rooted in GLA. It is the DNA of GLA.
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