Excerpts from Recent Lectures and Guidance

Every week, Keiko Takahashi travels to different places throughout Japan, and gives lectures and provides guidance for GLA members as well as professionals in the various fields of management, medicine or education. Each month we will introduce one invaluable essay arising from these encounters.


September 21, 2015: Yatsugatake Missionary Members Cultivation Seminar

Every soul will face a time when it is called upon by the world. When we are called, our soul encounters a time to activate our mission. Our life after the calling will be completely different from that of before.
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September 6, 2015: Youths’ Harvesting Seminar

Humans have the innate ability to be time travelers. The power to jumpto the past and the future is given to human souls.
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August 23, 2015: The Third Lecture of the 22nd Global GENESIS Project

This is the 22nd Series of the Global GENESIS Project. We have been studying this for 22 years all across Japan, along with our members in Australia, Brazil and the United States of America.
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